Break Through your Blocks: 6 Day Kundalini Immersion

Break though your blocks – it’s time to get unstuck!

Next immersion to be announced!


Join Keeley for a 6 day Kundalini immersion on the first, second and third chakras – targeted to break you free of your self-imposed limitations through Kundalini yoga & self inquiry. These lower chakra yoga practices clear unresolved emotions of fear, anger, insecurity, guilt, shame, lack of courage and lack of will power – through movement, mantra & mediation. These emotions weigh you + your Kundalini energy down.

Kundalini energy is your untapped potential; the greatness you’re capable of. This energy wakes you up, cultivates will power, improves communication, sparks creativity, builds confidence and connects you to what you love. This practice takes you out of a place of duality by balancing the heart + mind.

Kundalini Kriyas (exercise sets):
Day 1 – will power
Day 2 – let go
Day 3 – breaking patterns
Day 4 – release stored anger
Day 5 – creating your life
Day 6 – recommit to your life

By structuring this immersion for 6 days, we’ll be able to create a clearing and start to cleanse ourselves from any deep-seeded emotions or imbalances. Following the immersion with a 40 day Sadhana, (40 days of mediation) which will be guided live on instagram by @rad.keeleyblossom. This 40 day sadhana will make mediation and daily habbit. Taking five minutes a day for you and making mediation a ritual is what’s going to keep you unstuck. You’ll leave this immersion with new meditation tools + methods to get you comfortable with the uncomfortable with a greater sense of will power.

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