Mudra, Mantra + Magic

Mantra, Mudra + Magic.
An intro to RADkundalini.

Sunday, February 18th @ 1-3pm

Investment: $50 [ members get one free workshop a year! ]

Kundalini + Chakra 101
Curious to what Kundalini yoga is all about?

In this in-depth two-hour workshop, you will learn about the history + fundamentals of Kundalini yoga as well as specific Kundalini meditations, Mudras, Mantra’s + Pranayama (breath work), to help you navigate through heavy day to day emotions.

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awakening, It’s an uplifting practice that releases your Kundalini energy, this energy is already inside of you and is waiting to be released, so you can get connected to your truth and live your life’s passion + purpose. Kundalini is a truly transnational practice that produces quick + lasting results to both the physical body, mind + energetic body. It asks you to find your inner strength, and in return balances your heart + mind. This workshop will consist of both theory and practice, you’ll leave with tons of new tools, feeling energized + aware.

If this is calling to you, sign up now while there is still space!

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