Yesterday self-doubt, resistance and perfectionism won. I got caught up in my own head and got in my own way. I didn’t do the recipe post I had planned and actually didn’t post at all.

This RAD love challenge is hard but I know if I keep with it, it will all get easier. I sure have learned a lot about myself in this last week. And I can’t wait to see how much I’ve grown by March 1st. Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging me, the messages and emails I’ve received are what pushes me everyday to keep doing what I’m doing. Just knowing I inspired one person was enough for me to know I’m doing what I should be.

Now let me tell you about my super fun night last night. We went to a Dueling Piano’s show and it was so fun! The show was great but to be honest I was having so much fun talking and laughing with friends that I didn’t really watch that much of it, but it was great background music. I have to thank my beautiful friend Stephanie (pictured with me below) for the great night. We talked so much my voice is raspy today and laughed so much I woke up with a sore face, the 2 signs of a fabulous night. It was exactly what I needed after a little bit of a hard day. Friends and laughter are truly the best food for my soul.


I’m thinking about starting a new project called Dear Diary. Where I would really get deep…this idea scares the crap out of me, which is why I feel like I should push myself to do it. Why I feel like I need to be completely vulnerable and open online is a mystery to me but my whole goal with this challenge is to listen to my intuition, follow my heart and stop listening to my ego and living in fear. Let’s see how brave I am.

Love & Radiance, C