RADfoundations: 6 Week Series

If you want to learn the basics of movement in yoga and how to find tools to be still on and off your mat, then this series is for YOU!

Starting November 8 we will offer weekly 90 minute classes over 6 weeks, where we will help you to learn the fundamentals of practicing yoga and each week we will adding to a sequence that we work on together that you will be able to practice at home. We will learn practices to incorporate into the movement in yoga to help you understand yourself on a deeper level.

Yoga is all about self discovery and we want to be able to provide safe positions for our unique bodies to move in space so that we can tune our attention to the more subtle actions of our bodies.

Each week we will practice and learn Pranayama techniques, yogic methods of breathing, that can wake us up to energize and others that will calm us down and soothe our bodies and minds.

We can feel intimidated by yoga practice because we have a lot of idea’s about what yoga is and who does yoga. The truth is there is no set “type” of person that does yoga and we don’t let Instagram posts or Facebook posts decide what it means to practice yoga. If you can breath and you have a mind then you have everything you need to practice. We don’t practice with the idea of perfecting ourselves, we practice to allow the parts of us back into our life that we have shied away from. If you’re intimidated, be intimidated. If you’re nervous, be nervous. If you are fearful, be fearful. If you are excited, be excited. But don’t let those temporary feelings make the decision for you. You deserve to find out how these practices that have helped millions of people can help you in the same way.

Our intention for this course is as follows:

-To give you instruction and modification to make poses accessible no matter your ability.

-To teach you a sequence you can use weekly to practice Asana (the physical practice of yoga) on your own at home.

-To teach you Pranayama (breathing techniques) to help soothe or energize your body and mind.

-To teach you to find more space in your body, your mind, your ideas, and your thoughts.

-To find some joy! in practice and maybe even laugh at some bad jokes.

There will only be room for 16 students so we can ensure a quality experience for all. We hope you will join us and learn more about these awesome practices of yoga.

When: Wednesday, November 8 @ 7-8:30pm
Investment: $150 [ Members get 10% off! ]

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