Introducing the RADiculous YOGA HUNT!

June 1-29

Get your competition pants on because we’ve got a challenge for you! A 29 day SCAVENGER HUNT for a chance to win weekly prizes AND one GRAND PRIZE at the end!!

This is not your typical scavenger hunt or yoga challenge – this is a YOGA hunt! All you have to do is come to classes and cross items off the list! Here’s how it’ll work:

+ 10 items will be released every Thursday – for example: Attend a class where the instructor wears a white shirt.
+ Each item found = 1 point
+ You can potentially find more than 1 item per class
+ We’ll have a chart at the studio tracking everyone’s progress – it’s okay to get a little competitive 😉
+ The person with the most points at the end of each week will receive a prize (there are four weeks to win)
+ At the end of the 29 days, each person who has 30 points or more will get their name entered in a draw to win a YEAR FREE of yoga + a WHOLE lot more.

Thursday, May 31 : A special kick-off yoga class co-taught by Cortnie, Candace, Kirstie, Anna, and Keeley!!
Friday June 1 : Challenge starts @ 6:30 am
Friday, June 29: An exclusive clubRAD members-only wrap up party

It’s FREE to sign up for the challenge! So click below to sign up and get ready for a month full of friendly competition and FUN!

Week 1:

Attend a class..
1. That takes place before 12pm
2. Where the instructor drops an F-Bomb
3. You’ve never been to
4. Where the mirrors fog up
5. Where the instructor teaches Crow pose
6. Where you are given lemon ginger chocolate
7. Where the instructor wears a tutu
8. Where the instructor plays Brittany Spears
9. Where the instructor gets you to use two bolsters
10. Where the instructor wears camo ( if you can find them 😉 )

Week 2:

Attend a class where..
1. Essential oils are used
2. You don’t see butt cheeks
3. The music screws up
4. The instructor offers an eye pillow
5. The instructor teaches Frog pose
6. The instructor plays Drake
7. The instructor has no tattoos
8. The instructor is wearing lipstick
9. You om
10. The instructor teaches an arm balance

Week 3:

Attend a class..
1. Where the instructor says to use a strap
2. That takes place after 4pm
3. Where the instructor gets you to go upside down (no feet touching the ground)
4. Where the instructor wears stripes
5. Where the instructor teaches Eagle pose
6. With an instructor you’ve never been to
7. Bring a friend who’s never been before
8. Where you chant a mantra
9. Where the instructor wears a scrunchie
10. Where the instructor plays Spice Girls

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