RADleaders is more than just a program. It’s a mentorship for girls + boys (grade 6 – 12) who are passionate and ready to make positive changes in their community. This is for the youth who are excited to learn, explore + share the intentional topics we cover each week. We want youth who are ready to stand up, be the change, lead by example and show up completely for themselves and others.

Every class will have yoga, soulwork, inspired + intentional conversations and project work.

THE YOGA – We will use yoga to teach and show them how to feel good in their own skin and work with their incredible bodies as they are now. We will not only be teaching them the importance of yoga on the mat but also how to take yoga off the mat.

THE SOULWORK – We will dive deep into topics that matter, empower them to bravely speak their TRUTH + get REAL + RAW about how and why they feel what they feel. We will show these leaders who they truly are and teach them how to be powerful in their own way. Teaching them life long skills that they can use to live their best lives.

THE CONVERSATIONS – Just like all of our RADkids programs we will always have open, honest + real conversations about topics affecting youth now. The RADleader conversations will go further + deeper. They will gain knowledge and tools to help make changes in the lives of their peers, families and communities. This is space and time when they can safely talk about ANYTHING, without judgment.

THE PROJECTS – For each 6 week session we will work with the teens to create positive campaigns using social media platforms and working within their communities to inspire change + growth. Mentoring them to be role models and guiding them to use social media and their voices in a responsible + purposeful way; making a difference leading by example.

There will be after hours soulwork for the kids to complete, to help them apply the topics and skills we learn into their day-to-day lives. We will give them opportunities to mentor in our younger RADkids classes, allowing them to see first hand the difference they can make.

This is for girls and boys grades 6 to 12 who want to make a difference NOW! The skills they learn will change lives; their own, their peers, friends, family’s and their community’s.


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